Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Night Time

It's night time here in Surrey, BC. Sometimes I go to bed like at 11, but i got no school tomorrow, so I think I'll go to sleep at 11. I you to know that if you eat carrots, you will like them. One day, I will post you a story I did for a Creative Writing Assignment. It's a series of The adventures of Rayhan the great. But I handed them in, and i'm leaving the program, and I might even move to Toronto this summer if someone buys my house. I'll will try to remembe and maybe make a new one for you people. Peace.

No School for SUmmer

Just wanted to tell you people that i got no more school, because I passed Grade Nine. Man it was so hard, i had to like take 2 tests. The one before lunch, man it was so hard, but I knew all the formulas, but i din't have enough time, so it was lunch. But luckily, after Lunch, my teacher let me finish, and Passed. The passing minimum is 70%, and i got 70 right on the dot. Then I took another test and i passed. Bye.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Last Formal Day of School for Summer

Hey everyone. Today was the last day of school. Except, not for me, cause i havae to come back to school for I day, because i didn't take the last two tests for Math 9. I'm in this program called Inter-A, stands for Intergrated Academics, I'm quitting next year. But, the math is self pace, so basically, they give you oa textbook, what pages to do, and you got to finish it by the end of the year, and take tests after you finish a chapter, but i didn't do the last two chapter tests, so i got to go back tomorrow. Lol, if you want. The teachers gave out apple awards, they are like these certificates and they give you some kind of title, or award for doing or being something, it's just for laughs though. I got one for being "The Most Random Person". As soon, as she read out the title, I knew I was gonna win. Man i'm gangster. Then we played some B-ball, i schooled some people, got schooled, the usual that happens at school then we just chilled for 2 hours casue the rest of the school that aren't in Inter-A have exams, so we couldn't leave cause it would make too much noise. Yah....If any of you guys/girls are doing exams, GOod luck.

Monday, June 20, 2005

My First Post

Hey everyone, My name is Rayhan, i'll be your host. This is my first time actually having a blog. I've read many other blogs during my past. I hope you will all like my posts, becuase..../So if you like reading stuff, then you've come to the right place. I'll post some cool posts later, but right now, i got tomake sure i don't get in trouble for being on the computer too long cause my parents say it's bad for my eyes. Peace out yo'